Sergio Perez believes he will have full support from Max Verstappen
as he aims to end the Formula 1 season second in the Drivers’
Championship. Perez currently sits 20 points ahead of Mercedes’
Lewis Hamilton having endured a difficult campaign with Red Bull.
Verstappen has already sealed his third F1 title and has dominated
the current season, winning 16 races so far this year. Red Bull has
never taken a 1-2 finish in the Drivers’ Championship during its
history but is focused on doing so this year. Last year in Brazil,
Verstappen was asked by his team to let Perez through for sixth
position to boost the Mexican’s chances of ending the year ahead of
Charles Leclerc in second. However, Verstappen refused to
acknowledge the team order and criticised Red Bull over the radio
for its attempt to carry out the swap. With Perez now looking to
hang onto the runner-up position, the 33-year-old is confident that
Verstappen will support him should a similar team order be issued.
“We haven’t talked about it,” Perez told media including . “But I think if the situation arises, I’m sure
I’ll have support from Max.” Perez thanks Mexican fans for support
Perez enters the Sao Paulo Grand Prix weekend after suffering a
difficult race last time out in Mexico. A crash on the opening lap
eliminated him from his home Grand Prix, leaving him to describe it
as the saddest race of his career. Offering a message to the
Mexican fans after the weekend, Perez said: “I just [want] to thank
them massively for all their support they’ve given me before the
weekend and after the weekend. “And just to let them know that I
gave my best and I’m giving my best. “I’m privileged to have that
sort of support, thank you very much to all of Latin America and
all of Mexico.”

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