Sergio Perez has warned that Las Vegas’ low temperatures during the
upcoming race weekend will not play into Red Bull’s hands. Formula
1 will descend on Las Vegas this weekend for the inaugural Grand
Prix around the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. All of the sessions
throughout the event will take place in the late evening in Nevada,
with the coldest conditions of the season expected to give the
teams and drivers a headache. F1’s Pirelli tyres require a certain
temperature to be generated in order to provide the tyres with
grip. As a result, drivers may need several laps to bring the tyres
up to temperature during the weekend before they can set meaningful
lap times. Perez believes that Red Bull, who has suffered just one
defeat so far this year, will not benefit from the conditions. “I
think it’s going be something that will gonna be very present
there,” Perez told media including RacingNews365 , regarding the
temperatures. “That will not be something that favours us as a
team, but it’s something that we got to keep in mind. “Those things
are very hard to simulate, also knowing which sort of wind
direction we’re going to have. “Simulators, these days, there is so
much they can do and so much you can base on them. But I think it’s
more the knowledge we will have on that sort of things.” Perez
anticipating Las Vegas support Perez enters the Las Vegas weekend
hoping for a boost in performance after a difficult run of form
this year. At his home race in Mexico, he crashed out on the
opening lap to the disappointment of the attending fans. When asked
if he is expecting to receive support from fans in Las Vegas, Perez
joked: “After [Mexico] they’re probably not too keen! “But there’s
still a lot out there. No, I do expect a lot of support in Vegas.”

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