Sergio Perez says he would be enthused by the prospect of more street circuits making their way onto the Formula 1 calendar. 

Over the past decade Baku (2016), Miami (2022) and Las Vegas (2023) have all come onto the agenda with street circuit configurations to double the previous amount that existed beforehand in Melbourne, Monaco and Singapore.

The recent soaring success of the sport has witnessed more cities around the world attempt to attract an F1 grand prix, with a street circuit layout representing the quickest and most efficient way to manifest that.

A street circuit in Nice has been suggested as the answer to reviving the French Grand Prix, whilst the owner of the proposed venue for a race around the streets of Madrid has declared a deal is already near completion.

Perez, who was in the Spanish capital on Saturday to conduct a demo run in the title-winning 2011 Red Bull RB7, wouldn’t be against the addition of more street circuits. 

“I would love a race in Madrid, but without a doubt the happiest person would be Xavi Martos, my coach,” he said via’s Spanish site. “He really likes Madrid, and we love it too.”

“I think the street circuits are special, it would be good to add more to the calendar. There is a very special atmosphere when we go, especially in cities like Madrid.”

He added: “Yes, I’ve done well [on street circuits]. I think it’s important to have that confidence going into the circuit and into the weekend to do well.”

Along with Perez, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso occupy places inside the top five of the championship to make it three Hispanic drivers near the top of the standings.

Qualifying top three in parc ferme Fernando Alonso (ESP) Aston Martin F1 Team, second; Sergio Perez (MEX) Red Bull Racing, pole position; Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP) Ferrari, third. 06.05.2023. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 5, Miami Grand Prix, Miami, Florida, USA, Qualifying Day.

Sainz joined his childhood hero as a Spanish F1 winner last season, while Alonso has returned to competing at the sharp end since his move to Aston Martin this year.

However, Perez believes the Spanish contingent must not compare the pair and should instead make the most of seeing its two home drivers both in top teams. 

“Formula 1 is followed a lot, in the Hispanic world even more,” he expressed. “We are going through a great moment, we have three drivers in the top five.

“I think Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin have been a big surprise, they have made a big step. But we have also seen it with other teams, for example McLaren, who have made a big step forward. With this regulation it’s much closer.

“Carlos Sainz and Fernando are both great drivers, I don’t see the reason to compare them, on the contrary. I think we should enjoy them both more, instead of trying to compare them so much.

“They are going through a unique situation, a moment that may never be repeated in the history of Spanish motorsport.”

As for where he would most like to conduct a Red Bull show run event next, Perez said: “Well, I already did it in Guadalajara, in Mexico. I would definitely like Monterrey, which is the second-largest city in my country. 

“No doubt I would have told you Madrid, but I’m going to fulfil that wish.”

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