Red Bull’s Sergio Perez has suggested that Formula 1 should
introduce reverse grid races to enhance the sprint weekend format.
The F1 Sprint schedule was first introduced in 2021 but has
undergone year-on-year changes as the sport seeks to discover the
best format. Talks are currently underway between teams and F1 over
changes to the sprint for next year to make the schedule less
confusing for fans and streamline the format that currently sees
two qualifying and two race sessions during the weekend. However,
Perez has suggested that F1 should look into adding reverse grid
races to the mix in order to boost the spectacle for fans. “If they
want to keep this format of sprint races, we got to change it,”
Perez told media including . “I would propose a
reverse grid or something like that, to make it more interesting
for the fans because I don’t think it’s working, what we want to
achieve. “Nothing really happens in these sort of races. “I think
it will mix up things. It would create more opportunities, a lot
more overtaking. “If we want to keep this format, give it a go on
something quite different. “For the last two years this sort of
event hasn’t had a lot of good racing.”

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