In a difference from the usual tradition, the latest Formula 1
weekend kicked off as early as Wednesday in Las Vegas as a festive
opening ceremony was held late Wednesday night. There were
fireworks and live music on display in a ceremony that split
opinion across the grid. Max Verstappen described that he felt like
a “clown” throughout the procedure however Ferrari’s Charles
Leclerc suggested such demonstrations are important to attract new
fans. These types of ceremonies have been present before in the
USA, with the race from Austin, Texas in 2017 having driver
introductions before the start of the race – a similar presentation
was used this year in Miami. Musical acts and driver introductions
In addition to performances by Kylie Minogue, John Legend, Steve
Aoki and 30 Seconds to Mars, the drivers were introduced in their
team gear. The 20 racers were revealed on a special raised stage,
with each team having their own podium. Also involved in the show
were fireworks, something different from the usual drivers parade.
View the photos of the drivers during the Las Vegas opening
ceremony below.
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