Pirelli has begun an investigation into developing a new tyre
concept for 2025 which aims to reduce the amount of degradation
throughout a stint. Drivers have complained about how easy it is to
overheat tyres while following another car, due to the amount of
downforce that can be generated by the current generation ground
effect cars. Teams have developed at a higher rate than expected,
which forced Pirelli to introduce a reinforced structure midway
through this season on safety grounds. There are concerns that the
increased overheating is leading to worse racing on track, but
Pirelli Head of Motorsport Mario Isola believes there is no easy
solution to the problem. “Without high degradation, there is no
reason to target two stop races,” Isola told media, including
RacingNews365 . “I believe that most of the action on track was due
to tyre degradation and how you are able to manage tyre
degradation. “If you reduce that, and we are going to run a
specific analysis on that in the next weeks, I am convinced that
the risk is to have a train of cars. “[But] I understand that
drivers who are complaining about high tyre degradation [are doing]
because they would like to push more.” Isola to work with F1 on
simulation tools Pirelli wants to cure the overheating problems by
investigating a new tyre concept, where drivers can push while also
still enabling varied pit stop strategies. “We want to understand
is how we modify the action on track and reduce the degradation,”
he added. “This is something we can do, we have just to design a
tyre with a different level of degradation. Isola says Pirelli
plans to work with F1 to investigate this concept, as their own
simulation tools only predict strategy and not another key element.
“We have a simulation tool. That that is the tool we use for when
we publish the strategies and that is based on averages,” explained
Isola. “We don’t consider a specific team, but we can consider
average number. Our tool is not considering the traffic, that is an
important element.” While the construction for the 2024 tyres has
already been finalised, it is expected that any changes would not
make their way to the track until 2025 at the latest. “It’s
important that for the future we have these kind of targets
clarified in advance, [as] we need to understand what is good for
the sport. “We are taking into consideration the advice and the
comments from the drivers, but [also doing what is best] for the
benefit of the sport.”

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