Pirelli accepts it will “have to design a tyre with a different level of degradation” in the coming years of Formula 1, with a new concept to come in 2025 at the earliest.

Pirelli fended off Bridgestone to secure the three-year F1 tyre supply contract for 2025-2027 and now the attention is turning to what sort of tyre should be provided from 2025 onwards.

That very topic was addressed by the Italian manufacturer’s Motorsport Director in quotes via Autosport.

“Without high degradation, there is no reason to target a two-stop race,” he said regarding driver complaints of high tyre wear with the current spec rubber.

High tyre wear has often been required of Pirelli by F1 to encourage multiple pit stops, varied race strategies and in theory more exciting racing, much to the chagrin of engineers and drivers.

Drivers in particular are often vocal over the radio during Grands Prix, complaining of tyre wear, overheating, degradation and the inability to push from stint to stint, but Isola believes degradation is what causes good racing.

“I believe that most of the action on track is due to tyre degradation and how you are able to manage tyre degradation,” he said.

“If you reduce that, I am convinced that the risk is to have a train of cars because obviously, if you can push, I can push, everybody can push.

“It is not a different tyre for each driver.

“So, I understand drivers who are complaining about high tyre degradation because they would like to push more, and this is a clear indication.”

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As a result of those complaints, Isola and Pirelli will investigate a solution that would come into effect in 2025 at the earliest, with the compounds for 2024 already set in stone.

“What we want to understand is how we modify the action on track and reducing the degradation,” Isola added. “This is something we can do.

“But it’s important to understand if there is any unintended consequence to this.”

Pirelli, F1’s sole tyre supplier since 2011 carries with it the burden of getting the balance right when it comes to future compounds.

Weighing up the balance between driver complaints of tyre wear and fan complaints of processional racing is at the core of the issue and that balance is Isola’s key focus.

“It is important that, for the future, we have these kind of targets clarified in advance,” he asserts.

“We need to understand what is good for the sport, taking into consideration the advice, the comments from the drivers but for the benefit of the sport.”

The work to strike that balance begins in the “next weeks” according to Isola, with F1, the teams and Pirelli all set to collaborate together.

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