A potential ban on Formula 1 tyre blankets will not come into effect until at least the 2025 season, the FIA has confirmed.

F1 was set to take a vote on whether the blankets would be outlawed for the 2024 campaign.

Pirelli recently staged tests in which it didn’t use the blankets, but concerns were raised by drivers over the safety aspect surrounding the ban.

As Pirelli continues to evaluate the feasibility of operating without the blankets, it was decided to allow for further testing and revisit the proposed ban for 2025.

“Consistent with the future environmental and cost-saving objectives of the sport, an option to remove the use of tyre blankets has been under consideration, and the 2023 Pirelli tyre testing campaign has focused almost entirely on this objective, with expanded test days dedicated no-blankets testing,” read a statement from the FIA.

“Pirelli reported on the outcome of this test campaign to the F1 Commission. 

“The results of the testing undertaken so far show that the change can be implemented to the requested target specifications for 2024, however it has been decided to postpone the introduction of a tyre blanket ban for dry tyres in 2024 and to continue this discussion and further testing into 2025.  

“Further analysis will continue for other potential future changes to the regulations that can improve the environmental sustainability of the sport.”

F1 tyre blankets serve to generate heat into the compounds prior to the cars taking to the track during weekend sessions.

It allows for a quicker transition to full speed after swapping tyres and any ban would likely result in much slower out laps, as is the case in IndyCar.

George Russell previously warned that a ban would result in crashes and pose a risk to mechanics in the pit lane.

Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen also voiced his disapproval at Spa-Francorchamps.

“I don’t think we should head in that direction because it is extremely difficult,” he said. “People probably don’t know how difficult it is to drive a car with 1000hp out of the pits already, especially when the track is also a bit slippery.

“It’s not necessary. We already have it, I don’t think it generates a lot of energy these tyre blankets, I think an AC generates more when you combine it through the whole paddock.

“And with the tyres, yes, they probably can make it work but then they need to drop the working range that much that once you’re up to temperature the tyre will just be like chewing gum, you know?

“And the pressures will go through the roof, and it will not make the racing better. I think anyway now with an out lap when you’re struggling so much, and then a car with the warm tyres… it will look so stupid.

“I think the racing now sometimes out of the pits as well just having the hot tires is brilliant, and I don’t really see why we need to change that at all.”

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