Nineteen wins and both world titles: Red Bull’s season can be
called incredible. The Milton Keynes-based team is dominating
Formula 1 and saw Max Verstappen secure his third Drivers’ title
early on. Red Bull has already started working quickly on the car
for 2024, but must also start looking cautiously at 2026. That year
sees major regulatory changes on the horizon, as the cars and
engines are going to change completely. Red Bull will also be
partnering with Ford from 2026, which will bring additional
organizational applications. Team boss Christian Horner tells media
including more about the trajectory. “All good
things come to an end, that’s life,” Horner refers to Red Bull’s
dominance. “Right now we don’t want this season to end. However,
2026 is the next chapter for us and I don’t think people understand
what kind of challenge we face for that year. It takes away our
control a little bit.” Horner thus lives in uncertainty, but at the
same time touts his complete trust in Red Bull’s capabilities. “We
have two years and the team is fully attacking the new concept. The
same goes for the chassis. In a hundred weeks we have to leave the
pit lane with a rebellious design and a manufactured engine in the
car. That is nerve-wracking and pleasant at the same time. We are
on a good trajectory with great employees and a great culture. I’m
already looking forward to it.”

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