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The driver of a rented 2018 Lamborghini Aventador miraculously escaped with minor injuries after wedging the supercar underneath a semi-truck in Georgia. The exact circumstances of the impact have not been released, but we know enough about the events leading up to the crash to have a decent idea of how it unfolded.

According to a Facebook post by local Georgia newspaper Gordon Gazette, the Georgia State Patrol issued a lookout for a Lamborghini on northbound Interstate 75 at 12:10 pm Saturday. The car was reported to have been traveling at high speed, possibly in excess of 100 mph, with witness Emmanual Grullon on TikTok stating that the driver “was just cutting through everybody [in traffic].” At 12:32 pm, state troopers responded to a crash reported between the Aventador and a semi trailer, where the car had wound up beneath the trailer.

No account of the crash has been published, but the driver is said to have lost control (duh) before impact. It’s clear there was a great speed difference between the Lamborghini and the truck; so great in fact that the car appeared to only stop after hitting the trailer’s rear tires. Luckily for the driver, reported to be 36-year-old Spencer Hyde, the Lamborghini’s scissor door seems to have opened normally. It’s reportedly Hyde suffered only minor injuries, though it’s unknown if there was a passenger onboard.

Semi trailers are equipped with underride guards that are supposed to prevent crashes of this severity. However, U.S. underride guard standards have been criticized as inadequate by a former NHTSA administrator despite updates in 2022. It’s unlikely higher standards would’ve made this crash any less extreme, or saved the likely totaled Lamborghini—but the driver is lucky to be alive regardless.

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