Daniel Ricciardo concedes Formula 1 could be at “the mercy” of Las
Vegas when it comes to the Grand Prix schedule – as he dismissed
wider concerns around it. On-track action in Nevada takes place at
least six hours after sunset, with qualifying set for 00:00 local
time on Sunday morning as the track is set to be open to the public
during the day. Back in 2017 when Liberty Media first assumed
control of F1, Ricciardo was an early proponent of a race in Las
Vegas – but the AlphaTauri driver has admitted his surprise at the
fact the race is in the heart of Las Vegas. The AlphaTauri driver
also labelled the event a “logistical maze” as F1 gears up for what
will be the 1,100th World Championship Grand Prix. Ricciardo in a
maze “Obviously, we’re going to have a race, it is a normal
schedule and if it was some weird schedule where we don’t get any
practice, they just send us out there, then I think you’d probably
speak differently about it,” Ricciardo told media including
RacingNews365. “Logistically in putting this thing together, I
wouldn’t wish that on anyone, so it is navigating through a bit of
a maze right now, but it is going to be pretty cool. “When they
said it was going to happen, probably a lot of people at first
thought it might be like Las Vegas Motor Speedway, that is a fair
way out, it won’t be Vegas Vegas. “To pull it off on the Strip is
pretty cool, but I do like the races where you stay out and rent an
AirBnB and be isolated – but I am also a sucker for Vegas. “Being
here, in amongst it, is cool, but maybe by Saturday, my answer
might be different. “We drove the track last night, because a
track-walk at 2am was a little too late for me, but that whole
Strip, that long DRS straight, it’s going to be the most exciting
straight we’ve ever driven on. “I don’t know 100% the thoughts
behind the schedule, I don’t know if they’re restricted with taking
over the Strip – and I’m sure the hotels and the people that own
Vegas, so to speak, have a bit of a say. “So we could be at the
mercy of Vegas and their needs and requirements, and if that is the
case, if [F1] had total freedom, which I’m probably not sure they
did, then I am pretty surprised we have qualifying at midnight. “It
is perfect for Australia, but I am not sure who else is really
benefitting, but it is the same for everyone and if the track
surface is slippery, if it is as tricky as hell, then it is the
same for everyone.”

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