Even pooch’s ears are perked over these solid deals. Roofnest

Scurrying off into our country’s natural landscape is has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. Partaking in overlanding and off-roading guarantees ample opportunity to take it all in, and when stretched out over a long weekend, or a whole week, makes for a truly wondeful experience. Rooftop tents are a great accompaniment to any stretch out in the wilderness, as they not only help achieve an uninhibited view, but also make life and cargo management a lot easier.

Though, rooftop tents are often a bit on the pricey side. Luckily, popular rooftop tent company Roofnest has some seriously deep discounts on its catalog at the moment—save money on one of its products today to ease up on the budget a bit, and maybe spread it around to other worthwhile gear and equipment.

Falcon Pro ($1,000 off)

Falcon 2 ($750 off)

Falcon 2 XL ($750 off)

Sparrow 2 ($500 off)

Sparrow 2 XL ($500 off)

Sparrow Eye 2 ($500 off)

Condor 2 ($500 off)

Condor 2 XL ($500 off)

Condor Overland 2 ($500 off)

Condor Overland 2 XL ($500 off)

Meadowlark ($300 off)

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