Four drivers have been summoned to the São Paulo Grand Prix race
stewards following alleged rules breaches during qualifying at
Interlagos. FIA Race Director Niels Wittich addressed recent issues
regarding impeding at the end of the pit lane following incidents
in Singapore and, following clarification, Mexico last weekend.
Whilst drivers were cleared on those occasions, Wittich has
introduced a mandate for drivers to wait until the pit exit lane –
and not the fast lane – to create gaps for their qualifying
efforts. In Brazil, this means drivers must get past the Turn 3
apex point of the pit lane before pulling to the left, allowing
space for rivals to pass should they need to. But George Russell
and Esteban Ocon Pierre Gasly all allegedly broken that directive,
thus earning themselves a trip to the stewards along with Sergio
Perez who was caught up in the incidents.

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