George Russell is hopeful that he can enjoy a more positive outing
in Brazil compared to recent weekends. Russell has been out-paced
at the last handful of rounds by team-mate Lewis Hamilton who
finished on the podium in the United States (before being
disqualified) and Mexico. Mercedes introduced its last major update
of the season in the USA through a new floor but Russell still
faced challenges that limited his pace. “I’m feeling good with the
new update, the last two races have been really poor for different
reasons,” he told media including “It hasn’t
been a very intuitive [two] races with the limitations that we’ve
had, having to do massive management last week [in Mexico] with the
brakes, the massive management in Austin because of the fuel. “I’m
not standing here scratching my head, about why the pace isn’t
there. Because I know without these things, the pace would be
there.” However, Russell is confident that he can be back in top
form during the Sao Paulo Grand Prix weekend as he returns to the
venue at which he secured his maiden race win 12 months ago. “It’s
just been a couple of unfortunate reasons. So I’m kind of glad
we’ve got this weekend here in Brazil. I’m not foreseeing any of
these limitations. “We’ll see where we fall out. But it’s just been
sort of topping off our season. “It’s been a really challenging
year, especially in contrast last year, when every race seemed to
be sort of going our way and in the rhythm and the flow of things.
“This year has been very scrappy.” Russell keen to avoid excuses
Despite providing reasons for his lack of pace at recent races,
Russell has asserted that he doesn’t want to be giving excuses for
his underwhelming performances. “It’s very fine margins,” he said.
“I think Austin in the sprint race we started is slightly on the
back foot. For Mexico we missed FP1. “The pace was really strong in
Mexico in FP3. We were strong during qualifying and then Q3 was
just a bit of a strange one for everybody. “I don’t want to be
making excuses here. Every weekend has its own limitations, this
weekend is going to have its own limitations.”

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