So many sim rig options!. Amazon

It’s safe to say that sim racing has exploded over the past five years, especially since the onset of the pandemic. It’s by far one of the most cost-effective ways of getting seat time on track, virtually. You can figure out the right line, braking zones, and so on all in the comfort of your living room. Or, just have a more fun than average Tuesday night. Sure, it ain’t the real thing, but real-life track stuff gets really expensive (ask me how I know), can be a little dangerous, and did I mention it gets really expensive?

Currently, it’s more cost-effective than ever, as sim rigs—meaning, the equipment that joins all the components together—are on sale on Amazon. Check out these options at various price points!

Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Formula and GT Aluminum Profile Simulator ($66 off)

Next Level Racing F-GT Racing Simulator Cockpit ($50 off)

Marada Simulation Cockpit Advanced Driving Rig Sim with Seat ($55 off)

VEVOR G920 Racing Steering Shifter Mount ($33 off)

Marada Racing Simulator Cockpit Racing Wheel Stand ($29 off)

Gazzyt G27 Racing Simulator Cockpit Stand ($27 off)

Anman Racing Game&Flight Sim Stand-Driving Simulator ($25 off)

Hottoby Racing Wheel Stand Simulator Cockpit ($24 off)

Dardoo Racing Simulator Cockpit G920 Frame with Black Seat ($20 off)

WTRAVEL Racing Simulator Cockpit with Adjustable Wheel Stand and Racing Seat ($20 off)

Marada Racing Wheel Stand Steering Wheel Stand ($19 off)

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