Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc are both optimistic the drastic
lift and coast measures deployed by Ferrari in the Sao Paulo Sprint
will not be a factor in the Grand Prix. Leclerc beat Sainz by three
places in the 24-lap affair at Interlagos, with both drivers forced
into the usual tactic used by teams to protect the car by lifting
off the throttle approaching a braking zone earlier and ‘coasting’
into the corner before hitting the brakes. Drivers often do so to
protect temperatures on the brakes, tyres or engine, but Sainz
described how the amount he was having to do in the Sprint was the
most of his entire F1 career. Despite the drastic measure, both are
hopeful that cooler race day temperatures will allow them more room
for manoeuvre. Sainz and Leclerc play down issue “We used the worst
possible sets that we had available and we saved the good ones for
[the race],” Sainz told media including RacingNews365. ‘Hopefully
it helps, but it will not be very positive if we need to keep doing
so much lift and coast, which for our temperatures was very tricky
and we couldn’t push. “We expect it to be cooler [for the race], so
hopefully it goes in a better direction, but the [Sprint] lift and
coasting and the most significant I’ve done in my whole life.”
Leclerc, who be starting on the front-row alongside pole-sitter Max
Verstappen believes that while some lift and coasting will be
needed during the race, the amount of it will be reduced. “Luckily
for me, I’ll be starting second, so hopefully there will be fewer
cars in front of me after the first lap,” he said. “Hopefully that
will help me to be in a better window compared to [the Sprint].
“Mexico was bad as well [in terms of lift and coast]. There are
some races where you know you are going to have those type of
issues. “It was a bit more than expected, but I expect [the Grand
Prix] to be better.”

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