Sauber Managing Director Alessandro Alunni Bravi has asserted that
Audi is fully committed to joining the Formula 1 grid in 2026.
Rumours have circulated in recent weeks regarding Audi’s dedication
to its F1 project after announcing over one year ago that it would
join the field when new technical regulations come into play.
Audi’s arrival is set to see it take a majority stake in the Sauber
Group, which is currently in partnership with Alfa Romeo. However,
there has been little communication from Audi since it announced
its F1 entry – but Bravi has claimed that this is simply out of
respect for Alfa Romeo, whose partnership with Sauber will conclude
at the end of the current campaign. “Audi has a strong commitment
to Formula 1, of course together with Sauber,” Bravi told media
including . “This commitment comes from a
decision not only of the board of Audi but also the advisory board
of Audi and the Supervisory Board of Audi Volkswagen. It’s a group
decision and the commitment is there. “Why there is a lack of
communication is simple. We are the Alfa Romeo F1 team. “So until
the end of the year, we have certain limitations in communicating
about the team, about the future, about the involvement of Audi and
we fully respect Alfa Romeo for this. “We don’t want to make any
kind of announcement or more than what is strictly related to the
race and the championship. “The commitment, as I said, is there. We
are working hard to develop the structure of the team.” Recruitment
process Major signings that Sauber has made in preparation for
Audi’s arrival include Andreas Seidl and James Key who both
departed McLaren within the last year. But Bravi stated that
Sauber’s recruitment process is not limited to headline signings as
it gears itself towards F1’s new era in 2026. “We have a strong
record recruitment plan in place,” he said. “James Key is one, but
we have on a weekly basis new appointments. “It’s not a matter of
the involvement of Audi in financing the team or sustaining this
development process. “We have two owners, two shareholders, there
is a governance in place according to the different stages of the
transaction that will be completed ahead of the 2026 season. “We
are proceeding with the investment plan with everything in
accordance with the governance that has been agreed.”

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