Seiko isn’t the flashiest, fanciest watch brand out there. It’s not a brand about ostentatious designs or conspicuous consumption. Seiko made its name by building quality timepieces that anyone would be proud to wear.

Seiko’s watches do the job while looking the part, too. If you can snatch one during Amazon’s Prime Day sales, they’re an even more enticing proposition. Prime Days come but once a year, though, so move quickly to snap up a deal.

Seiko SRPD51 5 Sports Men’s Watch Silver-Tone 42.5mm Stainless Steel – ($39 off)

Seiko 5 Men’s Stainless Steel Watch, Black – ($16 off)

Seiko SNXS77 Automatic Blue Day Date Dial Silver Steel Bracelet Men Watch – ($16 off)

Seiko 5 Sports Men’s Automatic Watch, Olive – ($116 off)

Seiko Men’s Essential SS Rectangular Case, White – ($48 off)

Seiko Men’s Analogue Automatic Watch 5 Sports – ($25 off)

Seiko Men’s Essential SGP Champagne – ($53 off)

Seiko Essentials Rectangular Case, Gold – ($65 off)

Seiko SRPD59 5 Sports Men’s Watch Silver – ($20 off)

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer SSC911 – ($177 off)

Seiko Men’s SNK809 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Black Canvas Strap – ($31 off)

Seiko Men’s Stainless Steel Japanese Quartz Leather Calfskin Strap – ($73 off)

Seiko SRPD65 5 Sports Men’s Watch Gunmetal 42.5mm Stainless Steel – ($74 off)

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