Silverstone managing director Stuart Pringle has pleaded with protesters to avoid repeating their antics from 12 months ago and stay clear of a live Formula 1 track.

At the 2022 British Grand Prix, a handful of Just Stop Oil protesters broke onto the track on the opening lap.

They positioned themselves on the Wellington Straight, but the race was red-flagged before the cars passed them at full speed following a horror crash for Zhou Guanyu at Turn 1.

Since then, there have been a number of protestor disruptions at other major sporting events including the World Snooker Championship and Wimbledon.

There are mounting fears that another protest will take place this weekend at Silverstone, with Williams’ Alexander Albon asserting that there is a “high chance” of something occurring.

But Pringle has urged protesters not to endanger their lives or the lives of drivers and marshals during the weekend.

“The fundamental difference here is that you are not putting your life in danger when you run on the pitch at Lord’s,” said Pringle

“You are not putting your life in danger when you sit on a snooker table or protest at a flower show.

“A motor racing track is not the place to go. It is extraordinarily dangerous and people will be putting lives at risk if they go there, and any sensible, right-thinking person can extrapolate what the ultimate risk here is.

“My strong, strong message is: ‘Do not put your life in danger. This is not the place to go and sit on a floor’.

“It is absolute madness if someone climbs onto a live racing track.

“We have no specific intelligence, but we will plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

The British Grand Prix will run from July 7 – 9.

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