Guenther Steiner says he was not nervous when seeing Kevin Magussen and Nico Hulkenberg getting close while racing each other on track. They were racing each other at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, as Magnussen was on his way up the field in an attempt to get their first points of the season. The pair have past history when Hulkenberg once referring to Magnussen as “the most unsporting driver” which prompted the Dane to comeback with “suck my balls!” Steiner said he was not nervous watching the two drivers, given their history and Haas previous problems with teammates crashing into each other. “I was not getting nervous or anything because I see them working outside of the car together, so you can imagine if nothing goes completely wrong [that will translate into] what they’re doing on the racetrack,” said Steiner to media, including . “I think they respect each other and they knew that there was no point to race into each other, because that wouldn’t help either of them. So I was pretty relaxed about it. “I find it pretty cool, you know, because everybody was expecting ‘Here we go again!’ and nothing happened.” Steiner: We got exactly what we wanted with Hulkenberg Steiner praised Hulkenberg’s performance so far, with the German achieving his first points finish on his return in Australia after finishing P7. The Haas team boss believes they “got what they wanted” with Hulkenberg, whose experience was needed following a tough spell with the inexperienced Mick Schumacher. He added: “We got exactly what we wanted [with Hulkenberg]: we got this experience, he’s still fast, he showed that one going into first race [getting] to Q3, almost making the second race to Q3, and I think he’s enjoying life here. “He’s working really hard, he’s challenging our guys, which was is what we want that the challenges them. “So up to now I have nothing to complain about, which is very seldom!”

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