The Stewards have opted to take no further action after Nico
Hulkenberg and Lando Norris made contact during free practice in
Brazil. During the session, Norris was forced off the racing line
into Turn 12 with Hulkenberg travelling slowly on the racing line.
As Norris moved ahead of the Haas driver, wheel-to-wheel contact
was made between the pair with both avoiding damage. However, the
Stewards opted to hear from both drivers after the session but
determined that neither was predominantly to blame for the
collision. “Norris was on a consistent flying lap when he caught up
with Hulkenberg, who was on an out lap, before T12,” read a
statement from the Stewards. “Hulkenberg stayed on the racing line
when Norris overtook him on the left. Just before turning into the
corner, Norris kept a straight line while Hulkenberg was just about
to turn into the left-hand corner. “This caused light contact
between Hulkenberg’s front wheel and Norris’ right rear wheel.
“Both drivers contributed to the contact and none of them is
predominantly to blame for the incident.”

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