Speed cameras have been around for a long time and so have dash cams. The uniquely devious idea of combining the two into a traffic hall monitor’s dream device was not a potential reality until recently, though. According to the British Royal Automobile Club, such a combination is coming soon. The app, which is reportedly available in the U.K. as soon as May, will allow drivers to report each other directly to the police with video evidence for things like running red lights, failure to use a blinker, distracted driving, and yes, speeding.

Its founder Oleksiy Afonin recently held meetings with police to discuss how it would work. In a nutshell, video evidence of a crime could be uploaded as soon as the driver who captured it stopped their vehicle to do so safely. According to the RAC, the footage could then be “submitted to the police through an official video portal in less than a minute.” Police reportedly were open to the idea of using the videos as evidence in court.

The RAC questioned whether such an app could be distracting. It certainly opens up a whole new world of crime reporting. In some cities, individuals can report poorly or illegally parked cars to traffic police. Drivers getting into the habit of reporting each other for speeding might be a slippery slope, though. The government would be happy to collect the ticket revenue but the number of citations for alleged speeding could be off the charts with such a system. Anybody can download the app and report someone else, but the evidence would need to be reviewed.

The app, called dashcamUK, will only be available in the United Kingdom, as its name indicates. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like there are any plans to bring it Stateside. Considering the British public is far more open to the use of CCTV cameras in terms of recording crimes than Americans are, it will likely stay that way for that reason, among others.

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