Aston Martin Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll says that the Eau Rouge/Raidillion section of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit must undergo changes to further ensure the safety of drivers.

On Saturday, a major accident occurred at the track in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine category.

Dutch driver Dilano van ’t Hoff was killed when his car was struck by a rival after he had spun and came to a halt.

It marks the second death at the section of track in the last five years, following Anthoine Hubert’s fatal accident in 2019.

“The story of the race isn’t today, we lost a young driver at Spa, my thoughts are with him and his family,” Stroll said after the F1 Sprint in Austria. 

“It’s not fair what happened, and that corner needs to be looked at and changed, because we lost two young talents in like five years, it needs to be changed.

“We’re going there in a few weeks, it’s horrible what happened today, we lost a member of the racing family. 

“[We] seriously need to think about what to do with that corner as it’s never fun going through there, every time we go through there we put our lives on the line. 

“Today we saw something bad happen. It’s not right.”

Last year, Spa-Francorchamps unveiled several changes around the track as part of a €80 million project.

The alterations included an augmented run-off area at Eau Rogue, while the radius of the corner was also slightly modified.

However, Stroll says that the changes are “not good enough” and added that there have been discussions to make major changes in the past, “but then it blows over”.

When he was asked if there is a reluctance to modify it because of its iconic nature, Stroll said: “We’re losing lives in that corner, it has to change, for me it’s not even a discussion.”

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