Free Supercharging was one of the great features of being an early adopter of Tesla cars. To this day, early Model S’ with unlimited free Supercharging attached to their VIN command a decent premium over other Tesla models but are also subject to a removal campaign from Tesla. If you can’t find one, it’s your lucky day: Tesla Canada is offering up to three years of free Supercharging on new Model S and Model Xes.

But it comes with a fairly major stipulation. According to a report by Driving You only have until June 30 to take delivery of a Tesla to get the free charging. Note that it is taking delivery of a Tesla, not purchasing one. This is important because the incentive is born of a need to move inventory, not a need to fill up the order books. Luckily, there aren’t many great options for a Tesla, so you’ll get largely the same car, just hope for the right motor and battery combination.


This free Supercharging won’t become a resale play. It is linked to the vehicle owner’s account, not the car itself like early free Supercharging cars. So this incentive only lasts as long as the first ownership of the car, then it’s gone. And the three years of free charging is a courtesy only extended to the more expensive S and X, with the Model 3 only getting three months of free charging. The Model Y gets bupkis. 

Slow sales and stagnant inventory have driven this incentive for Candian buyers, with no such deal in sight for folks in the U.S. Though with the recent aggressive price slashing coming from Tesla worldwide, the time to buy a new Tesla might come sooner than you think. If free Supercharging came to the States again, we’d see even more of the things driving around.

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