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It’s only just struck me that the options for electric convertibles are…slim. Your choices are either an old Tesla Roadster or a GMC Hummer EV, both of which cost well over $100,000 and can be hard to find. A Tesla Model S on the other hand is pretty ubiquitous by now, and paying to have one turned into a convertible is still probably cheaper than the alternatives.

Model S convertibles are now offered by Newport Convertible Engineering, which is known for its custom drop-tops and falcon-hunting cars. It made a Model 3 convertible years ago, which didn’t look great, but there weren’t exactly many other options. Now, it’ll do them for Tesla‘s higher-end sedan, including the 1,000-horsepower Plaid as seen in the case of the red car here. (Flashing light warning—the video seared my eyes.)

The conversion evidently leaves the B-pillars and a span of roof connecting them intact, improving safety in case of a rollover. The back seat looks harder to get into, though, because of an extension on the C-pillar to support the roof frame.

How much this conversion costs, NCE doesn’t say, but the pricing it gave us for the Model 3 a few years back gives us some idea. That one ran almost $30,000 for conversion, plus another $10,000 for power folding. With the Model S appearing to bottom out at around $40,000 on the used market, you’re looking at more than $80,000 altogether. That’s still well shy of what you’ll pay for any other EV you can pop the top off of.

Plus, if you do it to a Plaid, you’ll be closer to a new Roadster than Tesla may ever get. Okay, I kid, but you’d better not expect it to hover.

Tesla Model S convertible. Newport Convertible Engineering

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