Over the years, there have been several cars to use F1-derived engines. The Ferrari F50, Porsche Carrera GT, and most recently, the Mercedes-AMG One, all have modified F1 piston-pushers. However, only one road-legal car uses actual race-driven Formula 1 engines—Lanzante’s Porsche 930 TAG Turbo.

In the mid-1980s, Renault’s turbocharged V6 engine was kicking ass in F1 and McLaren needed something that could rival it. So it turned to Porsche, who—with financial backing from TAG, the famous watchmaker—developed a twin-turbo 1.5-liter V6 that made more than 1,000 horsepower. With that engine, which was designed by Porsche legend Hanz Mezger, McLaren drivers Niki Lauda and Alain Prost won three F1 straight driver’s championships. And you can get that very engine in a Porsche 930, thanks to Lanzante.

A few years ago, Dean Lanzante—who works with McLaren on racecars, restorations, and high-price builds—decided to buy 11 of McLaren’s TAG-Porsche engines. McLaren wouldn’t sell the original engine but did sell the 11 engines used throughout the ’84-’86 season. So the engines Lanzante is putting in its 930 Tag Turbos were actually used by Mclaren in F1. For example, Lanzante’s sixth build used Niki Lauda’s French GP-winning engine. Lanzante is currently building its seventh 930 TAG Turbo, and it’s powered by the actual engine that helped Keke Rosberg finish second in the 1986 Monaco Grand Prix.

As cool as it would be to drive a full-power F1 engine on the street, Lazante worked with Cosworth to rebuild and re-engineer the engines to make them more usable on the road. They were detuned to 510 horsepower (503 bhp) and 310 pound-feet of torque—probably for a good reason—and a front-mounted water-cooled radiator was added. However, they still rev to 9,000 rpm and have a top speed of 200 mph. Shifting gears is done with a six-speed manual, and a limited-slip rear diff helps power the rear wheels.

While Lanzante’s Porsche 930 TAG Turbos are made-to-order, and customers are allowed a high level of customization, they’re kept as period-correct as possible. Inside and out, these TAG Turbos look like mostly stock Porsche 930s, just with 17-inch RUF wheels. Interiors are custom, but only period-correct options are allowed. The chassis and bodies are mostly made from aluminum, and there’s also a healthy dose of carbon fiber to keep things extra light, shedding 441 pounds off the stock 930. Thankfully, upgraded coilovers and carbon brakes were added to keep that incredible power-to-weight ratio civilized.

Since these 930 TAG Turbos are made-to-order, Lanzante doesn’t list the price. But if you have to ask…

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