Rights of Review are nothing new in Formula 1, and if used
correctly, can be a tool used by a team to rectify a wrong if
significant “relevant, new evidence” comes to light. This is
evidence not previously available to the stewards at the time of
their original verdict, to ensure spurious RoRs are given the
treatment they deserve. For example, Red Bull using Alex Albon to
recreate Lewis Hamilton’s lines in Copse corner after the infamous
first lap collision between Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the 2021
British Grand Prix does not count. ‘Manufacturing’ evidence is a
big no, even if a team perceives itself to be greatly wronged as
Red Bull did by Hamilton’s 10-second penalty for sticking a wheel
up the inside of Verstappen leading to what was ostensibly a
first-lap racing incident. The RoR process is split into two parts,
with the first determining whether the team lodging the appeal – in
this case Haas – has met the threshold of the ‘new evidence’ bar in
its submission. If the stewards agree it has, then a review of the
incident of track limits at Turn 6 not being punished will be
opened in the normal way. If not, the case is dismissed and
everyone goes home. Haas’s request into the United States Grand
Prix is interesting, as Team Manager Peter Crolla has identified a
potential opening for the team. Crucially, if you lose a RoR
appeal, nothing is taken against you. You can’t lose points or
positions if nothing is unchanged – but get it right, and there a a
few million reasons why it would be important. Real reason behind
Haas RoR In Austin, the top 10 was Max Verstappen, Lando Norris,
Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, George Russell, Pierre Gasly, Lance
Stroll, Yuki Tsunoda, Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant once Lewis
Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were chucked out of second and sixth.
Crucially, Nico Hulkenberg was 11th for Haas, the first driver
outside of a points position, finishing 3.190s behind Albon in
ninth. If Albon is given a five-second penalty should the review be
successful, he would drop to 11th, bumping Sargeant to ninth and
Hulkenberg to 10th and one point. The effect on the Constructors’
is laid out in the table below. Constructors’ Championship if Albon
is penalised in Haas RoR Haas Right of Review If the review is
successful, Haas could edge close to Alfa Romeo in the battle to
avoid the wooden spoon by one point. A three-point deficit and
better higher finishing position on countback (Hulkenberg has a
seventh, Valtteri Bottas an eighth) is a lot easier than a
four-point advantage to make up. If Haas does pip Alfa Romeo by
virtue of this extra point if the review is successful, it would
earn the team millions of dollars more in prize money when the pot
is divvied up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The first part of
the review is set for 3pm European time on Wednesday 8th November,
with the second part to follow, if allowed, at a later date.

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