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Summer road trips are a way of life for many of us. Especially in spread-out states west of the Mississippi, part of the allure of driving to our destinations is the roads along the way and everything on them. We asked this week what you were looking forward to with warmer weather on the horizon and the answers varied from treks to races to balls of twine. Here’s what you said.

Head for the (Northern) Border

S2K mentioned they were considering a long-distance cruise to visit our neighbors to the north. Specifically, Toronto, which we can confirm, is a very cool town. Our own Reviews Editor Chris Tsui calls it home, and there are plenty of roads to get you there. Beyond the big cities, Canada is a beautiful country to explore, including the coasts that are packed with exceptional scenery and even better food. Someday soon, I’d love to explore Banff and the Canadian Rockies for a very long, long time. 

Lucky to Drive In Ireland

SocDriver mentioned their plans to explore Ireland via road trip, a journey I’ve been lucky enough to take myself. Beyond the scenery, including Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Mosher, the drive through Ireland winds through small villages that are exceptionally friendly. Dublin came up more than once and exploring Ireland’s capital in the summer is a fantastic idea. Most of the old pubs don’t have air conditioning, so many people grab a Guinness and head for the rivers to cool off and chat with travelers. 

Racing To Get There

Both Discopotato and Draco-REX said they’d be driving to races in Sonoma, California, and Topeka, Kansas, to watch and we couldn’t support them more. Driving to races (especially in campers or motorhomes) adds another level of spectatorship that regular attendees might miss. The racing is always cool to see, but the paddocks when the races aren’t going make it worthwhile to drive, park, and find other gearheads who’ve done the same. 

Foggy sunset at the Yaquina Bay bridge in Newport Oregon, This bridge is on US Highway 101 and spans Yaquina Bay in Newport along the central Oregon coast. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Oregon Is Calling

Slow Joe Crow brought up the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon, as a road trip destination and it’s excellent. In a past life, I traveled up and down the Oregon Coast—Coos Bay, Gold Beach, Astoria—and the scenery is incredible. Eastern Oregon is largely high desert, which is a stunning landscape filled with interesting roads and people. Have some oysters for us, please. 

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