For the first time since 1982 a Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend will
be held in Las Vegas. The last time it happened was for the
ill-fated Caesars Palace Grand Prix, which utilised the car park
behind the famous casino as the track. A much more refined circuit
will play host to a hotly anticipated spectacle, as the drivers
will race past the Bellagio Hotel and famous Las Vegas Strip. While
the racing will be on the minds of F1 fans, there are some other
things you should look out for during what is guaranteed to be a
crazy weekend. Racing on Saturday night The start time in Las Vegas
is set for Saturday, November 18 at 22:00 local (Sunday, 06:00 GMT
time). It’s a long-standing tradition for F1 races to be held on
Sunday, but in this case an exception has been made so that the
race in other time zones will not take place on Monday. In fact,
three of the next four races will be held on a Saturday, with
Bahrain and Saudi Arabia following suit in 2024 because of Ramadan.
Special kerbs Las Vegas is also known as a gambling city and the
organisation has come up with a nice way to commemorate it. The
kerbs will be painted to have the shapes of spades, diamond and
clubs on them, adding extra character to the street circuit.
Hopefully nobody will be gambling with track limits… Glitz and
glamour Las Vegas was always going to bring glitz and glamour back
to F1. The state is known for its bright lights and shiny buildings
at night, with some of the biggest celebrity names also set to
appear throughout the weekend. The text continues below the images.
A wedding chapel It would not be Vegas without a wedding chapel!
This creative idea has sprung up where couples can say ‘yes’ to
each other. When you walk in, you immediately come to the altar.
There is also a backdrop with the words “Just Married” in the small
building. How many people will actually get married there this
weekend? View the video of the wedding chapel below. Text continues
after the post. Love in
the fast lane💍❤️ Introducing the first-ever #F1 wedding chapel 💒
#LasVegasGP — F1 Las Vegas (@F1LasVegas)
November 13, 2023 Sphere The Las Vegas Sphere looks like it was
created using AI, but it’s actually a permanent music and
entertainment facility. First opened by U2, the entire 112m
structure uses 16K LED screens for an immersive experience on the
interior and can display adverts on the exterior. It is the most
expensive entertainment venue in Las Vegas history, having cost a
staggering $2.3 billion to create. The text continues below the
image. Incredible ticket prices Some of the most expensive tickets
in the history of F1 were flogged on the run up to this Grand Prix.
Despite general admission tickets for the three-day event starting
at $500, and a seat in the grandstand costing upwards of $2,000,
demand is such that those tickets have already sold out. If you
feel like spending $5 million you get to watch the race from a
terrace on the Strip, 12 tickets to the F1 paddock, personal driver
and Rolls-Royce for the entirety of the stay and a stay in the Nobu
Hotel Sky Villa in Caesars Palace. Official opening ceremony On
Thursday morning at 03:30 GMT, the official opening ceremony will
take place. Artists such as, Steve Aoki and Thirty
Seconds to Mars will make an appearance, while light shows and
fireworks will also make the F1 weekend festive. Vegas Baby! F1
grid dotted with celebrities The grid walk is set to be a case of
‘spot the celebrity’ as several are expected to be present before
the race. The moments before a race can always be chaotic as teams
rush to make final preparations, while guests dodge the mechanics
and presenters with microphones. Bets on how many times Martin
Brundle will get ignored?

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