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There is no greater anxiety than entrusting your precious car to a dealership service department. Maybe it’s just me, but I fear the day that my arthritic hands can no longer turn a wrench and I’m left with no choice but to give my pride and joy to someone else to work on. That’s when something bad will happen. Bad, like a brand-new 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 falling off of a garage lift.

Apparently, latest-generation Corvettes have been dropping off of lifts like flies. Since they were new, we’ve seen a steady stream of the mid-engined sports cars getting improperly hoisted and suffering the consequences. While there’s no flaw with the Corvette itself, it seems technicians who are used to lifting a front-engined car and accounting for the forward weight distribution may be getting caught off guard by the mid-engined ‘Vette. In all fairness, being a dealer tech is a busy job.

That’s especially obvious in the video footage from the dealer. It clearly shows the passenger rear lift post slipping, causing the Corvette to fall before wreaking havoc on the way down. The post sliced through the widened Z06 bodywork with violent ease, bashed into the roof structure, and dented everything from the door to the fender as the stricken ‘Vette slid backward to a rest. Meanwhile, the driver’s side posts remained under the car, but surely damaged the underbody in the ordeal.

While details are scarce, Carscoops says the vehicle was not yet delivered at the time of the incident. Photos posted by Street FX Motorsports on Facebook showed that this example lacked a license plate, as well as the extent of the damage to the passenger side. The window frame took a big hit, while the composite bodywork was severely torn up.

The damage doesn’t look terminal, but it sure isn’t pretty. While it’s unknown what the fate of the Z06 will be, let’s hope that it finds a new life and some new bodywork.

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