Going off-road in a proper 4×4 can make things too easy at times, especially with all the tech modern SUVs have to offer. The cool, adventure-loving kids are driving hopped-up grocery-getters out to the dunes and back. So if you want to join the cool kids club, this safari Honda Civic could be just what you need.

Listed on Facebook Marketplace, this build began with a 2002 Honda Civic Si. The competent sport compact was given a rugged makeover that hits on all the usual safari tropes. It rocks a 1.5-inch lift for a tasty bit of additional ground clearance, paired with chunky Yokohama Geolandar tires on a sweet set of steel wheels. Flares help set off the bigger rubber and cover the necessary cuts in the fender openings to boot. A snorkel is also present to help keep the engine alive through any ill-advised water crossings.

Facebook Marketplace

A good safari build hits on all the visual cues, too, and the Civic doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It’s equipped with a roof rack, which also mounts a bevy of spotlights pointing both front and rear. There is also a bash bar on the front bumper with a further six lights as well. In the owner’s own words, the car “makes its own daylight,” and we’re ready to believe that. The lights appear to be properly wired up, too, courtesy of an Auxbeam switch panel. That’s more than we can say of most DIY efforts.

The car does have a few weaker points, not least of all the dangling Truck Nutz at the rear. There’s no catalytic converter, and there’s a small exhaust leak, so forget about passing emissions without some work. The body is also peppered with rock chips, as this build has been used as intended. There’s also plenty of vibration due to a set of stiff motor mounts that were installed for a K24 swap that never happened.

Other features include a Code3 PA system for harassing pedestrians and a Hondata KPro if you decide you want to pursue the K24 swap the owner bailed on. Facebook Marketplace

We’re told the car runs and drives great. Plus, it reportedly has valid Utah plates until October, giving you plenty of time to sort out registering it yourself. It’s listed for $6,500 with 202,000 miles on the clock. Assuming the mods are to your taste, this could be the safari darling that lights up your summer. If you buy it, be sure to throw on a fun vinyl wrap and send us some selfies from the dunes. Happy hunting!

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