Coachbuilding is a dying art. Very few companies still do it, with Mitsuoka in Japan planting the flagpole most strongly for the coachbuilders of the world. But there are still others left that do even weirder stuff than Mitsuoka. Enter Hurtan and its coachbuilt Chrysler PT Cruisers

Hurtan traces its roots back to 1992 and is headquartered in Granada, Spain. There isn’t much I could find about previous models to the PT Cruiser-based Author, but as a coachbuilder it can modify almost anything to its customer’s desires. Its current lineup is three vehicles: the Author, the Jeep Wrangler-based Vintage, and the Mazda MX-5-based Grand Albaycin. The Vintage is weird, but the weirdest by far is the Author.


It comes in two flavors: sedan or convertible. The way is utilizes the PT Cruiser’s base styling is interesting, using its rounded and somewhat vintage looking roofline and replacing the rest of the body panels with pre-war style stuff. How the rear window shape works with the coachbuilt body is actually incredibly well done, though the original wheelbase and proportions of the PT Cruiser don’t do too many favors to Hurtan’s body. Still, it is shockingly good looking in a subdued gray, at least from the rear. The front does look a bit too vertical.

The interior is also retrimmed for a bit more luxury, though the base of the PT Cruiser largely remains. I’m sure you can spec any amount of leather you want, but in the subdued photo specification that Hurtan used, I am also amazed that a 20 year old Chrysler interior can look that decent. 

Pricing isn’t listed readily on Hurtan’s site but according to a Motor1 article, the Author starts at a surprising $40,000. On one hand, it’s $40,000 for a PT Cruiser. On the other, it’s only $40,000 for a true coachbuilt car in 2023. 

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