Schaumburg Toyota

Got around 10 grand to spend on a used car? I’m not gonna try and sway you in one way or another because no one really listens to my advice, but feast your eyes upon this 2001 Toyota Corolla LE, a middling trim commuter car that a Chicago area Toyota dealership, Schaumburg Toyota, has listed for $8,798. It’s in pretty good shape, sure, but $9,000 for a 22-year-old Corolla? Come on now, folks.

The car has 70,000 miles on it, which is admittedly not a lot for what this thing is, but let’s be real. Even I have bought newer, and perhaps almost as good cars for less than that. There is no universe, except the one we live in, of course, where someone would think this thing is worth almost $10,000 dollars. Think the used car madness is over? Think again.

Schaumburg Toyota

We’ve seen a lot of stuff like this as the pandemic has caused a series of … should I even say it? Supply ch- I don’t think I can even get it out. Dealer markups have been a key driver of inflation. New Mitsubishi Mirages, for instance, have been listed for $6,000 over sticker. Ever driven a new Mirage? It beats walkin’. That’s about it.

This 1.8-liter, 4-speed automatic car is Mystic Teal Mica, which is a funny way to say blue. I’m looking through the features list now and it looks like, if you bought it, you could look forward to keyless entry, stability control, and cruise control. This is an LE, after all. Not the pathetic base model CE.

Ah, wait a minute, it’s all adding up now. This thing has a beige interior. That’s why it’s $9,000. Wait, no. That’s not it.

This same dealer is selling a used 2018 Corolla with 53,870 miles for $19,500. I guarantee that thing is $10,000 dollars more car.

When it comes to prices like this, just say no.

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