From the moment Max Verstappen stepped into the Red Bull in 2016,
Gianpiero Lambiase has been his race engineer. Seven years and
three world titles later, the pair are still working together, as
they have built a fine relationship during that time. Verstappen
has previously hinted that he would not want to work with another
engineer in Formula 1. There are occasional squabbles, but
everything is done to achieve the ultimate goals: winning and
grabbing titles. Team boss Christian Horner called Verstappen and
Lambiase “a married couple.” On the Talking Bull podcast, the two
men explain why they click so well. “There is no specific secret,”
Verstappen explains. “I think you have to get along well. You have
to understand what you want from each other and we have grown into
our roles. I hardly have to say anything anymore. If I report that
I have some understeer or oversteer, Gianpiero immediately knows
what he needs to adjust to the car. At the same time, I also know
how to drive the car. That does take time. That’s also why I am
strongly against changing race engineers, because they are crucial
to your performance. If you work together longer, the feeling and
bonding actually gets better and stronger.” “Is also about being
able to be yourself.” Lambiase complements the Red Bull driver.
“It’s down to time and experience. The first factor is time spent,
but it’s also about being able to be yourself. I think Max knows he
can be himself, and vice versa the same goes for me. There is also
no fuss about problems. If we have to be honest about something, we
do. All in all, the relationship provides benefits in the short
term and we can ultimately maximise the potential of the car in a
race weekend.” Would Verstappen and Lambiase like a challenge in
another racing class? “Maybe in endurance,” states Verstappen. “My
time in Formula 1 is not going to last forever. Besides, you have
to approach a longer race differently, because you share the car
with other drivers. You go there to win, of course, but you have to
take into account the driving styles of three different drivers.
It’s a different experience.”

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