Max Verstappen is hopeful that Fernando Alonso can take a long-awaited 33rd race win in F1. The Spaniard last claimed victory in the sport at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix, meaning that he is fast approaching the 10th anniversary of his 32nd P1 result. However, with Alonso and Aston Martin’s strong form so far in 2023 resulting in three podium finishes, many fans have speculated over the possibility of Alonso finally clinching another win. Amongst those hoping that this might happen is Verstappen. “I think Fernando should have won already a lot more races then he has done,” Verstappen told media, including . “I think he deserves a lot more. I would be quite happy to see him win number 33. “But I also, in a way, I would like to see him win more. So we’ll see in the coming races.” Alonso hopes for win 33 and beyond Several sports personalities in Spain have showed support on social media for Alonso claiming a 33rd win, and the two-time World Champion is happy to see the impact that his recent success has had. “It’s crazy to see how Spain is now so enthusiastic, again, for Formula 1 and for everything that is happening,” Alonso said. “This is very nice to see, and hopefully I think they did enjoy these first two podiums, the whole country, and I think in Barcelona it’s going to be a big thing this year again. “This 33, all these things that are happening now on social media. It was El Plan three years ago, and then The Mission, and now 33. So, there are a lot of 33s, and all the football clubs or footballers and now tennis or whatever, they are all doing something with 33. “So hopefully we can reach that number in terms of wins, and then we go for 34.” Verstappen’s usual race number is 33, though the Dutchman switched to number 1 for 2022 after winning his debut World Championship. Alonso joked: “I should ask if he’s still using number 1, I will ask for 33 next year!”

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