Max Verstappen has continued his tirade against F1’s Sprint events by suggesting he would be better off ‘gambling in a Las Vegas casino’. The two-time World Champion cut an agitated figure during Saturday’s proceedings at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, instigated by contact with Mercedes George Russell on lap one of the 100km Sprint. Having had his sidepod punctured by the British driver, Verstappen confronted Russell in parc fermé and has since labelled his rival a “d***head” and, sarcastically, a “princess”. Verstappen, who has been consistent in his disdain for the Sprint format, also took aim at the alternate weekend schedule after the event suggesting F1 should “scrap the whole thing” – comments which led 1996 World Champion Damon Hill to claim he was “sulking” and “a poor loser” . A bit unnecessary Adding further weight to his frustration surrounding the Sprint format, Verstappen told media, including : “It’s hectic. I think it’s just… it’s not proper racing, it’s more like gambling. I think I will have more success in Vegas if I go to the casino. “I like racing, I’m a pure racer and I think this is more for the show and, of course, it’s important to have entertainment, but I think if all the cars are closer you’d create anyway better entertainment than trying to do it like this. “It feels like, you’re like a football match and it’s 3-0 up for one team and then suddenly you just say ‘oh let’s reset it to 0-0 and go again’. “I find that a bit unnecessary, these kinds of things.”

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