Max Verstappen has joined the growing list of drivers who have expressed concerns over the poor visibility during F1’s Belgian Grand Prix Sprint Race on Saturday.

The start of the Sprint Race was delayed by 30 minutes as torrential rain hit the circuit. The race eventually got underway behind the Safety Car which remained on track for five laps in an effort to clear some of the standing water.

Visibility came at a premium during the race which prompted concern from drivers. Notably, Pierre Gasly stated that he did not feel safe during the event in the post-Sprint press conference.

Despite coming away with the Sprint Race win, Verstappen added to the apprehension saying: “I fully get Pierre’s comments because I think it [visibility in the wet] has become worse from when I started in F1.

“I think it’s just the wider tyres we have and the ground effect cars. But I remember also in the junior categories, it was also quite tough, the visibility was very bad.”

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit is well regarded as one of the most dangerous racetracks in the world, and the deaths of Anthoine Hubert in 2019 and Dilano van ‘t Hoff last month have only increased the scrutiny the track faces.

“Unfortunately, of course, we had these accidents happen over the years and probably… that’s always the unfortunate thing, I guess, with some things where we then try to improve stuff on it, something bad needs to happen before [it] really gets changed or gets looked at,” Verstappen continued.

“But I remember races in F3 where I couldn’t see a thing when you’re in the pack or whatever. And also today, for example, I couldn’t even see the Safety Car sometimes, and I’m the first guy.

“So that’s not even an F1 car, so if we really want to get rid of it, we can’t do a race at the moment in the wet if we want good visibility and this is also something we have to look at.”

The two-time champion also criticised Pirelli’s extreme Wet tyre after half of the grid opted to follow the Safety Car into the pitlane to make the switch to Intermediates when the race got underway for the first time.

Red Bull opted for the “safer” option of not making the switch at the earliest opportunity, which afforded Oscar Piastri the lead of the race, although temporarily.

“At the moment, want to go from an extreme to an Inter, even when there is a bit of standing water around,” the Dutchman said.

“I think also the shift between the tyres, the extreme needs to work at a better window as well so we don’t need to always go straight to an Inter, but that’s again a different problem because of course visibility is probably the most important because if you don’t see where you’re going that’s not what you want.”

Verstappen will start this afternoon’s Belgian Grand Prix from sixth on the grid after receiving a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change.

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