Max Verstappen’s Red Bull race engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase, has
revealed his biggest fear as they continue to dominate Formula 1.
It is a driver and engineer partnership that has yielded three
titles over the last three seasons, with Lambaise often bearing the
brunt of Verstappen’s urgent radio messages. While they often seem
like they bicker over team radio, Verstappen believes this
partnership is integral to their success on track. “At the end of
the day, it’s a whole team effort. This year the car has been
incredible to drive and fairly dominant. I tried to extract the
most out of it,” Verstappen told the Talking Bull podcast. With 17
race wins (and counting) so far this season, do they ever get bored
of winning week in and week out? “When do we get bored? Not
winning. This motivates me every single day to come back here at
the factory to prepare for the next races,” said Verstappen. “But
also once you’re there, it’s the best feeling out there. So for me,
it’s not boring at all.” Verstappen: We’re doing so many races
together Given their dominant throughout the 2023 season, Lambiase
revealed what is the main concern as rival teams catch up including
McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes. “My biggest fear is the moment that
we do have increased competition and we’re not winning every race,”
said Lambiase. “Because, you see how he’s treating me at the moment
and he’s winning every race! I’m really not looking forward to it.”
Even though they spend a lot of time together at the track, both
like to spend free time away from each other to stay fresh during
each race weekend. “We’ve been together for eight seasons now.
There are so many races and there’s so much time that you are
forced to be together,” Lambiase explained. “I think it would be
unfair to expect Max to spend even more time with me or vice versa
when he’s finally got a weekend off.” Verstappen divides his time
between simulator work in the UK, and spending time away with his
family and friends in Monaco. “I come to the UK to do simulator
stuff. Then I’m really happy to leave the UK to go back home,”
Verstappen adds. “Like GP says, we’re doing so many races together.
It’s also nice to just when you have free time to spend with your
close friends and family.”

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