Max Verstappen believes Formula 1 is only heading to Las Vegas “for
the show” and not because of any sporting reason. F1 is preparing
for the race down the strip next weekend, which is due to become
the first Saturday race since 1985 with a start time of 22:00 local
in Nevada. It is the first time F1 will have raced in Vegas since
1983, when the car park of Caesars Palace was used for the second
and final time – but for the return, a purpose-built paddock has
been constructed with F1 putting roots down in the city. But
Verstappen is not overly excited by the prospect. Verstappen cool
on Vegas “First of all, we are there more for the show than the
race itself, looking at the layout of the circuit,” Verstappen told
media including RacingNews365. “I’m not actually that much into
that, I’m more: ‘I’ll go there, do my thing and be gone’. “I’ll
deal with that once I arrive to the track. I mean, there’s still a
lot to do. “I still need to go on the simulator. I still don’t even
know the track, to be honest, the last time I tried it on the F1
game, I think I hit more walls than I was going straight, so, let’s
hope that’s not the case when I start driving there. “It’s going to
be very different to [Brazil], very low temperatures, and of course
at night. “We have no experience there. We don’t know the track
grip, it is all new, so maybe it will give a few surprises. “It
depends for whom and for what,” he added when asked if the race
would bring value to F1. “In terms of racing spectacle, maybe not,
but maybe in terms of potential partners for F1, and the whole show
around it – but again, I’m not into it.”

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