If the Sao Paulo Grand Prix Sprint taught us anything, it is that
the race itself is set to be a two-stop, at the very least.
Comments from Williams’ Alex Albon from earlier in the weekend
suggested that the Hard white-walled tyre was unsuitable,
indicating that the race would be run on a mixture of Softs and
Mediums. This is in line with Pirelli’s predictions for the 71-lap
race, with two-stoppers the quickest way to complete the race. The
prediction from Pirelli is to start on the Softs and run until Lap
17-23 before a switch to the Mediums. This second stint is set to
last until Laps 46-52 before switching to a another set of the Soft
C4 rubber for the run to the flag. Alternatively, a double Medium
stint stopping on Laps 20-26 and Lap 48-54 is possible before the
switch to Softs for the final charge. This is where Max Verstappen,
Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris all hold a potentially vital
advantage. The trio all have a brand-new set of the Soft tyres
available of those expected to be in contention for the win.
Mercedes are at a disadvantage with only one new set of Mediums
compared to two for the Red Bull and Ferrari drivers. The full
strategic options and remaining tyre sets are available below.

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