Max Verstappen has voiced a concern he has with the current
generation of Formula 1 cars. New regulations introduced last year
saw the return of ground effect in a bid to allow drivers to follow
their rivals closer through corners. In the seasons building up to
the new technical regulations, increased downforce generated by the
sidepods created dirty air and made it extremely challenging to get
close to a rival car. Verstappen believes that the regulations have
been successful in tackling that particular element. “I think
they’re a little bit better,” Verstappen told media including . “When you look at 2020 and 2021, when we were
following the cars were really undrivable. Because I was trying
really hard to follow. I do think that’s still a lot better.”
Verstappen concerned with weight However, Verstappen has taken
issue with the weight of the current cars. The weight of the
challengers has been steadily increasing over the last number of
years with some of the increase down to improved safety measures.
However, factors such as Pirelli’s 18-inch tyres have also caused
the weight to go up. Since the start of the turbo hybrid era in
2014, the cars have become 100kg heavier which has led to more
difficulties driving the car at low speed. “I do think that the
weight of the cars, that is for me a little bit of a concern,”
Verstappen added. “And maybe the general stiffness of the cars, but
I do think that these cars are much better for racing. I do think
the racing is a little bit better.”

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