Max Verstappen has reacted to achieving statistically the most
dominant season in Formula 1 history. The Dutchman won his 17th
Grand Prix of the season last time out in Brazil and ensured that
his winning percentage for the year will not drop below 77.2 per
cent. As a result, it will stand as the highest winning percentage
in F1 history, surpassing the 1952 record set by Alberto Ascari.
Ascari won six out of the eight races that were held during that
year’s championship driving for Ferrari. Having stood as the record
for over 70 years Verstappen has now claimed the record as his own
with two races remaining in the campaign. When asked if
record-breaking numbers still mean something to him amid his
success, Verstappen told media including : “It’s
not about that. “It’s not something that when I joined Formula 1,
[I thought] ‘I need to have a 75% win record over a season’. “These
kinds of things come along when everything just works really well.
“I feel good in the car, the car is very competitive, and the team
barely makes mistakes as well. “So then you can get a season like
we are having. So for me it’s more about just enjoying the moment
and trying to maximise every single opportunity.”

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