I don’t think I’ve ever see a car launch in the air like the Kia Soul does in this video. A Tesla owner captured what is quite possibly one of the most shocking accidents I’ve ever seen, as a runaway wheel from a nearby truck catapulted the aforementioned Kia into the air.

The Tesla driver’s dashcam recorded the accident while cruising down the highway near Los Angeles, California. Everything seemed perfectly normal as the Kia Soul began to pull alongside a lifted, widened Chevy Silverado. However, as soon as the Kia got into the Silverado’s blind spot, the truck’s driver side front wheel suddenly spun itself off and ended up directly in front of the Kia, in what has to be the unluckiest wheel spacer fail of all time. In fact, the timing was so perfectly horrific, it looked like the Chevy used some sort of Mario Kart-style powerup.

Witnessed and recorded the most INSANE car crash yesterday, you can see Autopilot also swerve and avoid the rouge tire for me $TSLA pic.twitter.com/csMh2nbRNX

— Anoop (@Anoop_Khatra) March 25, 2023

As the Kia ran over the upright wheel at highway speed, the direction of the tire’s travel must have caught the Kia just right, causing the little Soul to roll onto it and up into the air. It’s hard to say how high the Kia went but it looked to be almost double the height of the Silverado. A stock Silverado is just over six feet tall and this one was lifted, so it’s possible that the Kia reached almost 12 feet in the air before it came crashing down on its roof. Then, in some cosmic kick-’em-while-they’re-down moment, that same discarded wheel came back, rolling into the upside down Kia, adding insult to injury.

Thankfully, according to the Tesla driver (Twitter user Anoop_Khatra) who posted the video, the Kia driver was able to walk away unharmed, which is astonishing.

It’s unclear how the Silverado’s wheel fell off so suddenly but it seems like some sort of wheel spacer/lug nut failure. While it’s amazing no one was hurt, this video proves that aftermarket mods need to be done correctly or they could end up nearly killing people.

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