Williams can target its highest finish in the championship since 2017 in the wake of its recent run, according to Team Principal James Vowles.

Williams picked up only a point from the opening seven grands prix, and was last in the championship, but has moved up the order since introducing its upgraded FW45 in Canada.

Alex Albon collected seventh place in Canada, and only narrowly missed out on points in Austria, before following it up with eighth in Britain.

Those results enabled Williams to move ahead of Haas, Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri to hold seventh place in the battle among the tail-end teams.

“P7 isn’t one lucky result, it’s the accumulation of this update working, and strong results in Montreal and here [in Britain],” said Vowles in his post-race round-up.

“We’ve had luck fall our way, but we’ve also had results that really we had on paper with car performance, but hadn’t achieved everything, for example in Australia.

“Where we are is a fair reflection of where this car performance is. There’s going to be tracks that doesn’t suit us, where our rivals, Haas, start to score points, but conversely other tracks where we have the opportunities to fight for points.

“And that’s what’s going to be the story to the end of the year.”

Vowles explained earlier in the year that Williams is looking long-term with its project and consequently there will be only minor revisions to the FW45 through the remainder of the season.

“The upgrades are working, they came in two tranches, the larger package in Montreal for Alex, and then the front wing at Silverstone,” he said.

“We’ve got other elements that are more track specific elements, at Spa and Monza, that suit the track layout more, then there’s refinement of the current package and small improvements.

“That’s the plan to the end of the year, and I don’t think that’ll differ from our rivals – so [it will be about] optimising the package you’ve got and keeping an eye on next year.”

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