Toto Wolff believes Mercedes must do their Formula 1 “duty” to try and hunt down pace-setters Red Bull after their strong start. The Milton Keynes squad have dominated all three races thus far, taking three poles and wins and enjoying a sizeable performance advantage over the rest of the field, headed by the Aston Martin/Mercedes/Ferrari gaggle. Mercedes are also abandoning their unique zero sidepod concept, with a raft of upgrades set for Imola, and changes have been made within the squad. James Allison and Mike Elliott have swapped roles, with Allison returning as Technical Director. Despite the slump in performance, Wolff is adamant that Mercedes must fulfil their “duty” against Red Bull. Wolff’s Mercedes pledge “I think it is our duty and of the other teams to hunt Red Bull down, to give it our best shot in order to provide a good show,” Wolff explained to media, including , in Australia. “In this sport, you should never give up, that is in our mentality since the beginning. “We’ve had a bad race weekend or a bad season, but you just have to pick yourself up. “We need to be careful not to oscillate between mania and depression [after a good result], but keep the thinking rational. “We need to take the right decisions for the long-term, and in that respect, we will continue to race the possible package that we have – whether that has a narrow or wide body is irrelevant. “We just need to have downforce on the car.”

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