Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes a long-term solution needs to be implemented to avoid a repeat of track limits talk overshadowing a Formula 1 grand prix.

Several drivers were handed time penalties during Sunday’s race at the Red Bull Ring due to repeatedly exceeding the track limits, most notably at Turns 9 and 10.

Post-race a further review was undertaken and several more penalties were issued, the outcome of which altered the race classification for those drivers outside of the top three.

“Everybody is in the worst possible situation with the regulations,” said Wolff.

“The Race Director and the FIA try to enforce them to the best of their ability with the cameras and the sensors.

“We do the same with someone looking at the onboards back at base, just to make sure we are not penalised more than all the other teams.

“But for the fans, spectators, teams and drivers it is super frustrating to keep the penalties coming.”

Different solutions have been evaluated at the Red Bull Ring, including aggressive kerbs, but no definitive idea has been reached.

“There are only two solutions, either you come back to sausage kerbs that break the drivers and the cars but then no one should complain, or you remove them all and let them race the fastest line, this is what Niki Lauda always said,” he said.

“You may come close to some of the guard rails, but we need to find a solution for the interest of the track, which is a super track and a traditional track.

“We want to achieve the same: a spectacular race that is not influenced by penalties unless they are given for the right reasons because the rules exist.”

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