If you’re in the market for the ultimate track weapon, a new contender for your money has just arrived. The time has come, and the bonkers McMurtry Speirling fan car is now available for purchase.

The Speirling is at the absolute pointy end of performance, which it demonstrated by smashing the Goodwood Hill Climb record last year. It blew away the former time by the Volkswagen ID.R prototype by almost a full second, completing the course in just 39.08 seconds. It’s also capable of a 7.9 second quarter mile, and recorded a 1.4-second zero-to-60 mph time in imperfect conditions.


The Speirling now available for sale is an improved version of the car that set the bar at Goodwood. Weighing under 2204 pounds, it has a peak output of 1,000 horsepower from its dual electric motors driving the rear wheels. It’s capable of a top speed of 190 mph, too, which should be enough at most circuits this side of the Nurburgring.

It’s also the first commercially available fan car with sealed skirts, giving it prodigious downforce at all speeds. The car’s “downforce-on-demand” system is capable of generating intense lateral acceleration in the corners at speeds where wing-only cars can’t compete. McMurtry claims that cornering at up to 3 G is possible even on tight corners like Silverstone’s ‘The Loop’ and ‘Village’, or even the famous hairpin at Monaco.


Production changes from the Goodwood record-setting car include revised aerodynamics, a lighter chassis, and a newly-tuned fan system. Wider tires have also been specified, with a change to 18-inch wheels down from 19-inch wheels previously.

The Speirling isn’t just a one-lap weapon, either. It’s capable of running 10 laps of Silverstone at “lap record pace” on a single charge. After such a feat, it’s capable of fast charging in under 20 minutes. It’s thanks to the 60 kWh battery that powers the Speirling, developed with Molicel. The car can theoretically go even faster if tuned outright for short-burst qualifying performance.

If you want to try setting a lap record at your local track, it’s hard to imagine a better car than the Speirling to do it. You’ll have to stump up £820,000 pounds for the privilege, or roughly $1.05 million USD, plus taxes. Pre-production prototypes are expected to be ready in 2024, with deliveries beginning in 2025. Just 100 units will be built, so check in with your bank manager ASAP if you want to secure one for yourself.

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